Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome to the blog, and welcome me to blogging

Greetings on a crisp fall evening as I embark on a blog with a focus on poetry but touching on lots of other stuff because hey, poetry is complicated and mixed in and mixed up with a lot of other things. I plan on posting the work of poets and writers I admire, doing some interviews, and sometimes posting poems or beginnings to poems. I hope to connect with other writers via this here web-thingy.

Today I was wondering what ever happened to a poem that had been accepted by Nth Postition, and lo and behold it had been published back in July:

Thanks, Nth Position!


  1. Hi Robert -
    Nice to see you starting a blog.
    I clicked the Nth Position link, but no go. I think you've go the http up one time too many.

  2. Hi Sarah. I am obviosuly new to this blog thang. I'll fix the link, thanks!

  3. Hey! The link now works. Great poem!


  4. If I recall correctly, the poem came from some notebook jottings after spending time with the Joseph Cornell boxes at the Art Institute. Thus the swan.