Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have a Coke and a Smile. With Frank O'Hara.

Received this in my inbox:

"Having a Coke with you

a Frank O’Hara celebration
for Court Green 8
Wednesday, February 16th, at 5:30 pm

at Hokin Hall
Columbia College
623 South Wabash, Rm. 109
Contributors to the Frank O'Hara dossier include:
Denise Duhamel, David Emanuel, Elanie Equi, Kimiko Hahn,
Jennifer Karmin, Becca Klaver, D.A. Powell, Elizabeth Robinson,
Larry Sawyer, Anne Waldman, and more.

There will be a slide show of New York photographs from the 50s complemented with Frank O’Hara reading his work. A selection of contributors will then take the stage to read their poems. As an added touch, the evening will close with a raffle of Coke key chains, candied cigarettes, and bottles of Coke.
This evening is free and open to the public."

I am among the "and more" as I have a piece called "Army of Ex-Lovers (Chapter Seven)" in this new issue of Court Green.  I am thrilled to be on Court Green's pages with these luminaries.


  1. Fun fact: Because Frank O'Hara was conceived out of wedlock, his parents moved away from their families and lied about when he was born. He never knew his actual birthday, a biographer discovered it after he was dead.

  2. Drat. I can't make it. Drat drat. xo RF

  3. I did not know that about Mr. O'Hara, Rosemary!
    Richard, I am advising my solicitor to remove you from my will.