Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Useful Hints from "Our Health and Safety: Little Wonder Book #305"

The floor is a good place to play, but a bad place to leave things.

Going upstairs may be as dangerous as climbing a mountain on stilts.

One bad habit causes falls on stairs.

Every day, people are hurt by falling from chairs, stools, boxes, and tables.

When a knife blade or point meets you, it may keep on coming.

Danny found out that the space near swings is no place to play.

Swingers sometimes get hurt by being in too much of a hurry.

A tummy-ache is always a sign that something is wrong.

Your teeth are more than a cage to keep your tongue from running away.

Maybe you haven't been treating your feet like friends.

Getting ready for bed means more than just undressing and washing.


  1. Those swingers. And those who treat their teeth as a mere cage!
    Love these, and they're all true.