Sunday, August 1, 2010

Add This to Your List

Things To Do

1. Look for animal tracks.
2. Look for animal homes.
3. Look for animals.
Watch them eat.
4. Look for animals in the zoo.
Watch them eat.
5. Bring animals into the classroom.
     A. Put wire over a box.
          Put a rabbit in a box.
          Feed him.
          Give him water.
          Keep his pen clean.
     B. Put a bat in a cage.
         Give him a little raw meat on a stick.
          Watch him eat for a little while.
          Then let him go.
6. Put out food in winter for squirrels and rabbits.
7. Collect pictures of animals.
8. Ask someone to read to you stories about animals.

--From What Animals Eat, Little Wonder Book #315 

1 comment:

  1. that bat in a cage, raw meat on a stick bit was pretty hard!