Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Stanley J. Nippersten Award*

For the best words in the latest issue of Southern Poetry Review:

nothing   horizon   eyelids   expectancy   gravel

factor   knives   scuppernongs   unseen   steep   gorilla   skittles

moustache   cannonballing   bankrupted   repetition  

counterpane   granted   childhood blossoms   hoist   oxblood  

skyward   garden  pinwheels   dust   spoilsport   pitchy   dough  

portion   ladder   cottage   dunes   loneliness   scritches   exhalation  

black-eyed   gasoline   rescue   hidden   canary   flaring   untucked  

alfalfa   gnashed   thorn   stumped   mesmerist   bequeathed  

windward   marmalade   tasks   hazard   futile   review

*This Award is a one-time award with no monetary value whatsoever. It is awarded by Lives Of the Spiders.

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