Monday, March 14, 2011

"I Turn Old Lovers Into Sea Monsters"

"Writing a poem is like transcending space and time, especially if it's based on something true. And they're all sort of true. I turn old lovers in to sea monsters and haunted European forests. It feels like rewriting history the way it happened in some parallel universe. I should have known from the beginning things were going to go wrong"-- Claudia  Lamar, in her introduction to Phantom Kangaroo Number Four.  (I have one of my 13 sentence poems up in issue number five.)


  1. enjoyed your poem in phantom kangaroo, and what an appealing journal.
    at times your poem reminded me of a ghazal due to the repetition of "hands" at the end of some lines.

  2. I can think of so many old lovers that I would sincerely love turning into a sea monster...