Sunday, June 26, 2011

Recently, on the World Wide Web

It was a good week for me, on the internet, at least. 

At Pages to Pixels, Christian Harder posted a short interview with me about my work and the creative process. I am very happy he asked for the interview, and delighted with how it all turned out.

At Escape Into Life, Kathleen Kirk posted a feature with me, and paired the poems with wonderful collages from artist Carly Bartel.  I am in love with the collages.  I may propose to one soon, if I can find the right ring. 

In other exciting news, I found out that peregrine falcons are nesting on the back side of the Uptown Theater near my house.  You can hear the babies crying out to be fed from a block away. Ok, so the falcon discovery did not happen online. But you can see excellent photos of the birds here.

(An award-winning photo by Jerry Goldner.  The link above will show you more of his work profiling these magnificent birds.)

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