Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lives of the Flowers, Part Two

He thought of the bees and what makes them pleased with themselves and their work.  He thought of brides, why dress in white?

He thought cornflower, chickory? Blue blossoms in the grass, the opposite of alas.

He thought that under such a tree, in the deep summer on a late afternoon, even 
the wicked 
bird could find rest.


  1. Chicory, yes. But I always used to think of it as cornflower because it grew at the edges of the cornfields and was the Cornflower Blue color in the Crayola box! But there is a cornflower aka habry aka large bachelor's button that is a very bright cornflower blue...aka mountain bluet. They all get tangled up, as is common with common names of flowers! Wikipedia even acknowledges that "'Cornflower' is also erroneously used for chicory...."

  2. "the opposite of alas" Wonderful.

  3. What part of chicory can be made into coffee or a coffeelike drink?