Monday, December 28, 2009

A Poem by Richard Fox

To conclude  my series focusing on the work of poet Richard Fox, here's a new poem he kindly provided to Lives of the Spiders

He says: "Here's a new(ish) poem. It will probably will form the centerpiece of the next manuscript on which I'd like to start work, possibly in the new year. I have another "Swaggeresque" collection that will begin to make the rounds of the winter/spring contests. It's called "Heft" & was kind of cast from the mold of "Swagger & Remorse." Anyway, here ye be:

The Lamp Affixes Its Beam

What means
a bell tower
tolling the hour

behind Act One
when the gun
always seems

to misfire
& tramps
the scene

or when the
scuba gear
breaks down

& the neoprene
wet suit sticks
on a deep-sea wire

What goes arrears
runs aground
Let the lamp

affix its beam

Thanks to Richard for the use of his work!

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