Sunday, January 3, 2010

The art of Doug Stapleton

For Christmas this year Darren and I decided to get a piece of art together--and there was no question of where to look--we both have been fans and friends of collage artist, curator, performance artist and all around great guy Doug Stapleton for some time, and we knew we wanted to get one of his evocative, disturbing, beautiful works.  We were a tad worried that we might not agree on which piece to get, but a during a late December studio visit with Doug, where we got to see works in progress and older pieces, and talk with Doug about his process, his materials, and his art, "Harbinger" was the work that called to us the most. It looks great on the wall.  I want to sit my notebook and look up at "Harbinger" and write and look and write and look.  It's a project that'll happen soon.  Also in early 2010, an interview with Doug here at "Lives of the Spiders."

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