Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear Chihuahua Who at One Time Belonged to Gertrude Stein

You belonged because we knew
you, you barked because
barking is something that a small dog might
do, you
as if to say that you were not
all that
small, in the basket
in the basket in which
they carried you. When the ladies
made love you were locked
outside the door because you barked.
When the ladies wove a basket you dad-gummed
the knotted handle. You were Gertrude's dog
and you did not know me. I am I
I say because of that one
to their house in the country; sometimes
a little dog
can be a view


  1. Enjoyed this visit with the little dog. A lot.

  2. Here's a poet, who used to live in Chicago, whose work I think you'll like:

  3. Thanks, Richard! Lots to look at and read there. I linked to his site.