Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big Mac Attack

I got an email from an editor at Softblow who said he had seen my work on line and wanted to feature me in the journal in July. I wrote back.  Where had he heard of me?  It was the poems in No Tell Motel, he replied. I was pretty sure my work had never appeared in No Tell Motel.  A quick trip to Google-land showed me the poet in question was Rob MacDonald.  Rob, I like your poems too. And Cyril Wong at Softblow would like a word with you.


  1. Nice to meet you. I'd call you my doppleganger, but we're off by an A, so maybe you're my dapplegonger or my goppledanger or something...

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words about the poems. I think that I like your stuff, too, but maybe we're both just subconsciously egotistical.

    Maybe we should pretend to be the same person and double our publishing credits. I'm open to suggestions.


  2. I smell collaboration. At least I think that's what it was.

  3. Hi Rob--and you are the editor of Sixth Finch, too! I just was looking at the latest issue a couple days back. Some sort of cosmic confluence is in the ether.