Sunday, April 4, 2010

Two Readings in April

I am not really a fan of National Poetry Month.  It seems to me to be (like so many other Months--Gay History Month, Black History Month, Lemon Curd Bar Appreciation Month) to be a way to corral something, make it neat and tame and easy to ignore the rest of the year.  "I mean, come on, we just gave a whole month to you. Do we really need to worry about you now?  It's May for Pete Squeaks!"  But all that being said, a whole lot of poetry stuff goes on in April, and I am not going to say no to reading when I am nicely invited.  So please do come hear me read.  I'll be reading mostly new work, and reading different stuff at each reading, for the benefit of the one or two persons who might be at both.

Wednesday April 14. 7:00 pm. To celebrate NATIONAL POETRY MONTH Gerber Hart Library will be hosting a reading by local poets including Richard Fox, Adam Hart, Gregg Shapiro, Robert McDonald, Kurt Heintz, and Joe Eldridge at Gerber Hart Library (1127 West Granville Ave. Chicago IL. 773-381-8030.) Join Gerber Hart's fanpage on Facebook to be informed of future events or check out their website.

Thursday, April 15. 7 pm at The Book Cellar. 4736 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago.
The readers are:

Kathleen Rooney, poet, essayist, author of Live Nude Girl and the book of essays For You, For You, I am Trilling these Songs
Kate Dougherty's writing is published or forthcoming in Columbia Poetry Review; Court Green; Action, Yes; and If Poetry Journal.
Robert McDonald's writing has appeared in Publishers Weekly, Stagebill, and the Chicago Reader, along with several very highbrow-type literary journals. (Note--this was not my description, I am cutting and pasting from their website.)
Richard Fox has contributed work to many literary journals. In 2000, he was the recipient of a full fellowship for poetry from the Illinois Arts Council. Swagger & Remorse, his first book of poetry, was published in December, 2007
Laura Van Prooyen’s poems have appeared in Another Chicago Magazine, Cimarron Review, and 32 Poems among others. Her first book of poetry, Inkblot and Altar, is forthcoming from Pecan Grove Press.


  1. Who's that Richard Fox fellow? Does he follow you everywhere you go?

  2. He is my shadow, depending on the light he may be following or leading