Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some treasures found whilst strolling around the Internets

I spent much of the day tromping around online with no purpose.  Sort of like watching tv but changing the channel a lot.  But I did find some good things.

Like this story, "Wolves." 

And the work of this young poet, Ocean Voung.  (I am going to order his new book tonight. Even though he has a cool name like Ocean, and I do not.)  Here is one of his poems.

And an interview with Brent Goodman. I followed the interview link to his blog and plan on jumping from there to examples of his published work online.

Facebook also kept me up-to-date on what my friend Kathie is cooking for dinner: "peppery linguine with shrimp, arugula, diced tomatoes, and shaved parmesan."  She tends to post these items on Facebook, and she's probably the best cook I know.  I resist posting my own such foodie reports, like, "Robert is preparing chips on the verge of too stale with the last few scrapings of salsa from the jar and thinking he should have gotten out to the grocery store today."  Because that would be sad.

Here's the title poem of Brent Goodman's debut collection.  I am going to take a walk outside in the fresh real world now.

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