Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Poetry Prompt from the Good People

The Good People of Right Hand Pointing, that is.

Here's the deal: (and I quote) 

"Issue 48 will be a special issue, due in March 2012.  We’ll start reading for it now.  In addition to our usual flavor of short fiction, all the poems accepted for that issue will be short narrative poems.  Our usual length guidelines apply.  (75 words or less but up to 100 words if it’s 16 lines or fewer.  16 lines or fewer, but up to 20 lines if the poem is 75 words or less.)  By narrative poems, we mean poems with at least one character and a plot.  It's a challenge, getting a story told in a short poem, but it can be done!" 

And then they deliver up an Alice Walker poem as proof.  It's recommended that you submit your poem in the next two weeks to have a chance of being in this issue.  So ready, set, write.  (Or scramble through your archives and see what might fit.)  

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