Saturday, March 31, 2012

This Week in Soap Opera Summaries


Days of Gertrude Stein

Alice was distressed to find out that she isn't pregnant, and a cyst is a cyst is a cyst is a cyst that needs to be removed to rule out cancer. In Gertrude’s hospital room, Alice and Gertrude agreed to a truce, which they acknowledged would be up to them to maintain. Later, rejected by a girl, Alice blamed Gertrude and vowed to get back at her. Alice and Gertrude forgave each other and made cake. Gertrude blackmailed Alice into protecting her while doing her new job at the police station. Someone stole Alice’s needle-pointed chair designed by Picasso, and returned it with R.I.P. carved into the arm. Gertrude and Alice had second thoughts about being together after they made love. Coming: Alice has a long-held secret to keep covered up.

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